Canadian delegate: Cochabamba shows that another way is possible and necessary
A talk given at the Cochabamba Report Back Meeting in Toronto, on May 7, by Kimia Ghomeshi of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition I was one of a handful of young people from Canada who attended the Cochabamba World Peoples Conference in hopes of understanding what real and just solutions to the climate change look like from the perspective of those on the front lines of the crisis, and bringing these new insights home to share with the burgeoning climate youth movement in Canada. I walked away with much more than I expected. Cochabamba was an important reminder that real change must come from the ground up and from those on the front lines of a struggle. In Cochabamba, I started to question whether the way we frame the issues and solutions as a movement is only helping to validate existing global systems that have created the climate crisis. First off, are we talking about climate debt or talking about climate aid? As explained in the people's declaration: "Developed countries, in