Big Green NGOs: Sleeping With the Enemy
The largest climate change campaign in the world is in bed with the world's most powerful corporations. … The mainstream environmental movement no longer inspires nor leads society to an enlightened existence - it simply bows down to the status quo. Cory Morningstar of Canadians for Action on Change has written a biting expose and critique of the corruption of mainstream Environmental NGOs like the Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute by corporate money and by association with corporate advertising agencies. She focuses in particular on the very well-financed and corporate-controlled TckTckTck Campaign for Climate Justice, which played a big role in controlling the green "message" in Copenhagen. As she shows, the agencies that created it have used it to greenwash their corporate clients, including one of the world's largest nuclear power companies. The following are excerpts from her article, which is posted in full on the CACC website. +++++ We are in fact sleeping with the