Pale Greens Honor Climate Vandals
For some, a tiny tax outweighs massive environmental destruction by Roger Annis At first glance, it seemed that the "Yes Men" had scored another comedic coup for Mother Earth. CBC Radio news reported on December 16 that on the previous day, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell was feted and presented an environmental award by many of Canada's well-heeled "environmental groups" during the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen. Hah! Great gag, guys! And very timely. An embarrassingly large number of people and agencies in Canada and abroad have been hoodwinked by the BC government's claims to environmental stewardship and its greenwashing propaganda. But wait, the story proves to be true and not a gag at all! Campbell actually did receive an 'Economy Wide Carbon Pricing' award from Tzeporah Berman of PowerUp Canada, one of ten of Canada's best funded "environmental groups" that endorsed the award, presented at a gala recognizing "acts of climate leadership" by municipal and