ALBA and G77 Denounce Copenhagen Sham
"Obama, acting the way he did, definitely established that there's no difference between him and the Bush tradition" from Links International Journal of Socialist Revewal Speaking on behalf of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA), President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela took the floor at the plenary of the COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen to denounce the final "deal'' that was soon to emerge and be imposed on the majority poor-country delegates, and which would fall far short of their demands. Chavez accused US President Barack Obama of behaving like an emperor "who comes in during the middle of the night … and cooks up a document that we will not accept, we will never accept." Chávez declared that "all countries are equal." He would not accept that some countries had prepared a text for a climate deal and just "slipped under the door" to be signed by the others. He accused them of "a real lack of transparency." "We can't wait any longer, we are leaving … We are leaving,