Climate Talks on the Road to Nowhere
The seeds of the current impasse were planted in Bali and nourished in subsequent negotiations by David Spratt Green Left Weekly The global community is supposed to be negotiating an agreement to contain greenhouse gas emissions to manageable levels. But with less than two months to the Copenhagen climate change conference, the big players are stuck in an elaborate game of chicken. Maybe that's the nature of diplomacy, but some have already written off the December meeting's capacity to produce a detailed agreement. Sir David King and Lord Stern are among many luminaries saying no deal is better than a bad deal, and economist Jeffrey Sachs said in September he fears "a toothless agreement that could be more posturing than progress". columnist David Roberts sees the negotiating process so far as akin to "an aquarium full of hamsters connected to rudimentary motors. "There's a lot of frantic running, a lot of sweat and heat, but in the end, very little light", he said in July