Population Control: 10 Reasons Why It's the Wrong Answer
We need to build stronger links and collaboration with movements for climate justice in the global South - not draw up plans to reduce their numbers by Simon Butler Green Left Weekly Without doubt, climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. The scientific evidence of the scale of the threat is overwhelming, compelling and frightening. Climate tipping points - points which if crossed will lead to runaway global warming - are being crossed now. We live in a time of consequences. So it's crucial that the climate justice movement - made up of those determined to take a stand now to win a safe climate future - campaigns for the changes that can actually make a difference. In Australia, a discussion has surfaced about whether population control measures should be a key plank in the climate action movement's campaign arsenal. Below are 10 reasons why such a decision would hinder, rather than help, the necessary task of building a movement that can win. 1. Population