Some criticisms of the Belem Ecosocialist Declaration
Daniel Tanuro, a certified agriculturalist and eco-socialist environmentalist, writes for "La gauche", (the monthly of the LCR-SAP, Belgian section of the Fourth International), and Inprecor. This article was submitted to the discussion of the Belem Declaration, which the Ecosocialist International Network distributed at the World social Forum in Brazil in January. His comments were published in International Viewpoint. Dear friends and comrades, The "Belem Declaration" is an important document issued at a very important moment. As an ecosocialist focused on climate change, I totally agree with the general orientation of this document: denunciation of capitalist growth, productivism, and capitalist strategies to cope with global warming. Among other points, the link with the indigenous peoples, their culture and their struggles is especially important, in my view. But the declaration lacks some key aspects, on the one hand, while some precise statements are clumsy or wrong, on the