Evo Morales: 10 Commandments To Save the Planet
"If we want to save the planet earth to save life and humanity, we are obliged to end the capitalist system" By Evo Morales Ayma president of the Republic of Bolivia Message to the Continental Gathering of Solidarity with Bolivia in Guatemala City October 9, 2008 -- Sisters and brothers, on behalf of the Bolivian people, I greet the social movements of this continent present in this act of continental solidarity with Bolivia. We have just suffered the violence of the oligarchy, whose most brutal expression was the massacre in Panda, a deed that teaches us that an attempt at power based on money and weapons in order to oppress the people is not sustainable. It is easily knocked down, if it is not based on a program and the consciousness of the people. We see that the re-founding of Bolivia affects the underhanded interests of a few families of large landholders, who reject as an aggression the measures enacted to favour the people such as a more balanced distribution of the resources