Six Arguments Against Carbon Trading
In Canada, all five mainstream political parties are promoting some form of "cap and trade" system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their plans differ in timing and scope — but the real problem is that carbon trading won't do the job, and makes it harder to develop and implement real solutions. By Larry Lohmann, The Corner House originally posted in Opposing Views 1. Carbon Trading is Aimed at the Wrong Objective Carbon trading is aimed at the wrong target. It doesn't address global warming. Solving global warming means figuring out how to keep most remaining fossil fuels in the ground. It means reorganizing industrial societies' energy, transport and housing systems — starting today — so that they don't need coal, oil and gas. Carbon trading isn't directed at that goal. Instead, it's organized around keeping the wheels on the fossil fuel industry as long as possible. Carbon trading allocates industries generous short-term numerical emissions budgets and then tries — through