Stephane Dion's Green Tax Hoax
Canada's Liberal Party proposes a tax change that won't change anything by Ian Angus Environmentalists from David Suzuki on down have praised Canada's Liberal Party for its new "Green Shift" policy. Leader Stephane Dion announced it with great fanfare -- a broadly-based carbon tax, coupled with sweeping income tax reductions. This, we are told, is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Oh yeah? The Liberals say the plan will produce $15.4 billion in carbon tax revenues in its fourth year. To check this, economist Erin Weir took the Liberal's proposed tax rates and applied them to the latest fuel consumption figures published by Statistics Canada. Here's what Weir found: "The $15.3-billion figure assumes that, in the Green Shift's fourth year, Canadians would consume as much fossil fuel as in 2006. "A major criticism of the Liberal plan has been that it sets no caps or targets for reducing emissions. Indeed, its numbers assume that the Green Shift will not change