More on Ecuador's Proposal to Leave Amazon Oil in the Ground
Previous posts on Climate and Capitalism (here and here) discussed Ecuador's proposal to halt development of oil reserves in the Yasuni Park in the Amazon region if it received international compensation. Here's additional background, prepared by an advisor to the Ecuadorian government. Yasuni in Ecuador: An Initiative from the Southby Joan Martinez-AlierIn September 2007 the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, reaffirmed his decision not to pump some 920 million barrels of heavy oil in the ITT block of the National Park of Yasuni in the Amazon. The main motivation behind this proposal is the defense of the culture, the livelihood and the rights of the indigenous people who live in this patch of the Amazon forest, as well as the preservation of the unique biodiversity there. You cannot put a price on such things. The avoided carbon emissions are an added bonus. This proposal is no different than campaigns to prevent the extraction of crude in the wildlife refuge of Alaska, or to