Climate Vandals Prepare A Do-Nothing APEC
by Zoe Kenny From Green Left Weekly, 29 June 2007Two of the world's worst climate vandals — US President George Bush and PM John Howard — are preparing their lofty green rhetoric in the lead-up to the so-called "climate change" Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Sydney in September. With a federal election looming, the Coalition is still trying to convince us that its refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol and its support for the coal and uranium industries don't mean it doesn't care about the future of the planet. The recent announcement that he'd consider an emissions trading scheme hasn't shifted the Howard sceptics. Bush is also under pressure for his head-in-the-sand approach on global warming. Leading the charge for a European-style carbon trading regime is Californian governor Arnold Schwarznegger who, last September, signed into law the Global Warming Solutions Act that mandates a 25% cut in the state's emissions over the next 20 years. Internationally, the US is