Denying Time and Place in the Global Warming Debate
by Derrick O'Keefe By now, a number of respected activists have ably rebutted the spurious and provocative writings of Alexander Cockburn on the topic of human-induced global warming (George Monbiot by questioning his sources, and my Seven Oaks colleague Charles Demers by questioning his motives). On the northern front of climate change denialism, Znet contributor Justin Podur has politely dispatched the related writings of Canadian academics David Noble and Denis Rancourt. There remains at least one further criticism to make of these "left" critics of those urging action on climate change, and that is with respect to their claims about the timeframe and geographic location of the debate about global warming. Noble and Rancourt, when discussing the history of the issue, make a number of claims that are either wilfully dishonest or shamefully uninformed. Noble, for instance, introduces his argument by asking rhetorically, "How did such an arcane subject only yesterday of interest merely