Australian Socialists Demand Radical GHG Limits
Alliance adopts radical greenhouse gas emissions reduction target May 26, 2007: The Socialist Alliance has adopted radical greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets—95% of stationary power emissions and 60% of overall emissions compared to 1990 levels by 2020, and 90% of overall emissions by 2030. The targets are minima and provisional. In adopting them at its May meeting the Alliance's National Executive recognised that many Alliance members support even tougher emission reduction targets—including a zero emissions goal by 2020—and decided to actively invite amendments to the policy from members and branches. These amendments will be considered at the June meeting of the National Executive and a final set of targets endorsed. The targets are the most radical yet adopted by a registered political party in Australia. Alliance National Coordinator Dick Nichols commented: "These targets are dictated by the global warming crisis. The science is telling us that we have to arrest the growth