Australian Socialist Discussion: Dossier on Climate Change Now Online
Climate and Capitalism previously reported that the Australian Socialist Alliance has begun a wide-ranging discussion of a draft program on "How to Stop Climate Destruction." As part of that discussion, the SA has published a 39-page Discussion Bulletin entitled Dossier on Climate Change. In addition to the draft program and a talk about the program, the Dossier includes 19 articles from various sources on the issues under consideration. The Dossier can be downloaded as a PDF from HERE. The Dossier and other discussion materials are also posted on a wiki, HERE. The Socialist Alliance is setting an excellent example for the ecosocialist movement everywhere, conducting an open discussion that makes use of modern communication technology. We'll observe the discussion with interest. (Thanks to Dave Riley of GreenLefts:LeftGreens for letting us know about the Dossier and the ongoing discussion.)