Green Venezuela
The Principal Speaker of the Green Party of England and Wales argues that capitalism is ecologically unsustainable and that Venezuela's green policies should be applauded. by Derek Wall "One car each? Our planet won't stand that - that model of capitalism, extreme individualism and consumerist egotism. The destructive so-called developmentalism destroying the planet is, quite frankly, a thing of stupidity — una cosa de tontos." -President Hugo Chavez A couple of years ago I watched the documentary 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', which is about the 2002 coup against President Hugo Chavez. Since then I have taken a personal interest in the progress of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution. My party, the Green Party of England and Wales, is affiliated to the Venezuela Information Centre (VIC), which is a solidarity organisation that campaigns against foreign interference in Venezuela's internal affairs. I have a lot of links with friends in Caracas and a Green Party delegation,