Human Rights Commission to Hear Inuit Challenge to U.S. on Global Warming
The InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights has agreed to hear an unprecedented challenge to U.S. policy on greenhouse gas emissions. As reported in the article below, a delegation representing Inuit peoples from the US, Canada, Russia and Greenland will argue that global warming is destroying their way of life and that the United States is responsible. The case stems from a petition submitted in December 2005 by the Inuit Circumpolar Conference. It documented the existing, ongoing, and projected destruction of the Arctic environment and the culture and hunting-based economy of Inuit caused by global warming. Because annual average arctic temperatures are increasing more than twice as fast as temperatures in the rest of the world, climate change has already caused severe impacts in the Arctic, including deterioration in ice conditions, a decrease in the quantity and quality of snow, changes in the weather and weather patterns, and a transfigured landscape as permafrost melts at an