Workout Journals:Use them or Lose them? * Christina Says Things
When it comes to keeping on a schedule for working out one might set a reminder on their phone or wear one of those annoying digital watches that reminds you when you have been sedentary too long. But what about monitoring your progress? You know writing down your eating habits or monitor if you drank enough water for your body weight. Is this something you should do? For me keeping a journal of working out could be a good thing. Especially if you have a particular goal in mind and you want to watch for patterns or issues with your weight lose. Having said that recording all that information, body weight, workout routine for the day, water or protein intake, etc, can be so nerve racking. For some I am sure it is a huge motivation but for the rest of us, BANANAS! I could also see the benefit of using a journal if you have medical problems, work with a trainer or whatever. As a regular person I think it could lead to some issues. If you are inclined to develop certain issues, such as under eating or overworking out. Too much of a good thing is BAD! Having said that, writing down what you eat in a week might give you a clue as to what you are putting in your body. Thinking you are eating really good might not be what you are thinking. For instance, if you wrote down that you had the following in a day you would see there is a glaring issue. Breakfast: eggs, free range bacon, wheat toast, with coffee. Snack: Processed granola bar Lunch: salad with various greens, cherry peppers, olives, onions, tomatoes, avocado. with water Snack: processed chocolate chip cookies Dinner: Grilled chicken with brown rice and various veggies. So did you notice the snacks? Processed and loaded with sugar. On the positive note, as I have mentioned above, journals highlight things you might not even notice. I personally use my date book to write down when I worked out. Only to see how many days I actually worked out. I have moments where I am not sure if I worked out four or five days. I also write down how long I worked out for, usually 30mins. I have a toddler who is in the process of being potty trained, I don’t have the time to do more! This helps me to keep on track and to monitor my progress. Although, my husband is pretty happy to highlight changes I don’t notice. So, final verdict on journals? I say use them. If anything to keep you on track, but only for that. If you start to feel yourself going OCD about your weight and what you put into your mouth it might be time to take a step back. Do you use a journal? If so how do you use yours? Until next time!