My Bedtime Routine * Christina Says Things
Night time has always been my favorite time of day. Why? Well, I don’t know. I assume it has to do with being in my pajamas, getting into bed and being cozy. Each day when I get home the first thing I do is get out of my work clothes. Why? Cause nothing says home like being in sweatpants. If I am not getting ready for bed right away, I’ll wear the sweatpants until it is time to get ready for what I like to call “cozy time.” This is the time where I turn the lights off, relax in bed with a book(using my e-reader with a special back light for night reading) or watch something on television. As soon as I am in my pajamas, that is when I really prep myself for bed. Getting Bedtime Ready! As mentioned above I love pajamas, so it is no wonder that I have several sets. I will alternate wearing a set every two or three days. Tonight for instance I will be wearing my favorite space jammies bottoms with my “Live Free or Twihard” bedtime sweatshirt. In a couple of days I’ll change it to another pair. When selecting my bed clothes I think about the weather and if I might get hot sometime in the night. As of writing this post the winter weather has been in the 40’s, so I have been refraining from thermal like pajamas and thicker sweatshirt. My face routine The first thing that I do after brushing my teeth is wash my face. I read somewhere a long time ago that it was a good idea to wash your face in cold water. So, I do that. At my house the cold water is a bit icy but it does the trick. From what I understand, the cold water brings blood to the surface of the skin helping you achieve that porcelain like glow. Or whatever hue your skin color is kind of glow. I have heard that it makes your pores tighter, but I am not sure that is true. Also, I heard that it helps with aging skin. I think this might be true. Since I started washing my face in cold cold water I have been told I look almost seven years younger then I really am. I then pat my face dry with a face towel. A few years ago I bought some reasonably priced towels from IKEA that I only use on my face. They are white so if I needed to bleach I can! My hair routine I don’t really do much with my hair, I hardly comb it. I know what? But sometimes before bed I run a wide paddle brush through my locks. Simply to remove any knots. If I washed it before bed, I blow dry till almost dry and apply some protein cream to the ends. That’s it. When I can not Sleep On Sundays my husband and I enjoy a nice cup of decaf in the evenings, it’s something we started doing after one of our trips to Europe. I enjoy a cup to help me wind down, but there are times when I need something more. So I reach for some sleepy time tea. Organic of course. If that does nothing for me or if I am feeling lazy I reach for my Melatonin. Bonus exfoliate recipe. Sometimes I need to exfoliate, who doesn’t? And since I don’t like to purchase things that have a ton of chemicals in it I learned how to make my own. I created this recipe after looking online and through women’s magazines for something simple to put on my skin. Here is what I put together. 1 Part Brown sugar (I use about three tablespoons) 1 part honey. (I use three tablespoons, same amount of brown sugar) mix together. Gently rub on to face and chest. Not only will you smell like a cookie, but you’ll be soft and free of dead skin! I do this about once a month or when I feel it is needed. For instance between seasons. Until next time!