Can Depression be Cured by Love? * Christina Says Things
*Note I am not a doctor! my ideas and opinions are just that and if you choose to follow them please make sure that you advise someone! If you have been to my other site then you know I suffer from depression. If you haven’t well now you know. For me, depression is hard to describe. I personally do not feel as though I am loveable, or that I deserve it. I constantly feel as though there is something wrong with me that makes me that way and if someone does love me then either they really do or perhaps there is something wrong with them. Demented I know. But I often wondered if love is the answer. I am very much aware of individuals who struggle day in and day out. These people may have more or less support than I do. So I wonder, does having someone supporting you make things better or does it make it worse? Personally, I feel selfish and again the above vicious cycle continues. The worse feeling in the world is feeling as though you are just a nuisance. Trust me, if you feel anything like me, you are not a nuisance. If you were then whatever higher power you may or may not believe in wouldn’t have given you life. For me I have to believe this, I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. Nor did I have a super supportive family. So, it could be said that the love I get from my husband ultimately saved me. But did it cure me? Of that, I am not sure. But I am pretty confident that it is a good place to start. After all, it does take someone who cares to help you go after the help you really need. Because trust me, when you are that far into depression you might not ask for it yourself. For whatever reason, you justified in your head. (embarrassment, pride, feeling as though no one cares, whatever.) If you suffer from depression and you have no one there please reach out to your community. There are support groups and even if you feel that they don’t care, trust me they do. There are others out there who are going through the same things you are going through, they feel the way you feel and it is nothing you should be ashamed about. Here are some websites with helpful numbers should anyone need them. Psych Central This site offers many numbers for various reasons. Suicide prevention, child abuse, and domestic violence to name a few. Depression and Bipolar support Suicide prevention, depression and bioplar support . Teen Health and Wellness Support for Teens for suicide prevention and crisis center. Please do not wait till things get too overwhelming, pick up the phone and call someone, trust me your life is worth living. Until next time! Christina To read more about PPD be sure to check out or click here: