Most Recommended Resources On this page you’ll find links to blog resources and sites that I find most useful as I curate this site. I earn absolutely no money by putting these resources here for you. This is purely to help you out and discover some of the great resources that help me day to day. FINANCE INSIGHTS Les Echos France’s major business daily publication. The Financial Times Probably the world’s leading business daily publication. Bloomberg Probably goes without saying, but a great resource for Financial matters. BLOGGING istockphoto By Getty images, provides great visuals to accompany the text in your articles. Mr Money Moustache Mr M retired early after saving like a boss. He nows makes loads of money from his website and other jobs he has, where he is the boss. Financial Samurai Sam was in finance and wanted out. He saved hard, made a lot of money and now works full time on his blog and as a father and husband. He has a lot of useful insights and workable guides. Retireby40 Joe retired by 40 in 2010. He provides insights into how he did it and what he is doing now. Our Next Life Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge retired early. Really early and this is how they did it and what they’re doing now. The Smart Passive Income Blog Pat Flynn seems to have made quite a success of his adventure in blogging. A few million examples a year to show for it, actually. Some good tips and insights.