Write Your Story - Chazaq Rose
For the longest time, I watched Ann from afar. She became one of my favorite “plus-size” person to reference when it came to modest dressing. I admire her confidence and how comfortable she appeared in her own skin. When I realized she was an author, among many other amazing things she does, I purchased her book “The Rage Within”. You should read it! I was excited to interview her. I wanted to know more about her. This was a very funny but informative interview. I’m glad to know so many gifted women. “Everyone has a book in them.” -Dina Who is Dina? Dina is my middle name. Ironically, I used the name because I’m not a fan of my first name. It’s so common. Dina was what my mom called me. Sometimes when people ask me who’s Dina? I’d usually say, “I’m mommy’s girl.” From a business… Continue reading Write Your Story →