The Psalmist declared, “Behold, how good a d how pleasa t it is for brethre to dwell together i u ity!” (Ps. 133:1).& bsp; U ity is o e of those special thi gs which is both good a d pleasa t. It is good for us i the se se that it is healthy, a d calculated to make us better people. But it is also pleasa t i that its effects are e joyable, a d its experie ce is truly a pleasure. & bsp;& bsp;& bsp;& bsp; Taki g properly prescribed medicatio , or u dergoi g physical therapy, is usually good for us, but is ot ordi arily pleasa t. I fact, it may be very u pleasa t. But we u dersta d that we eed to experie ce it i order to grow, heal, a d develop as we should. O the other ha [...]