Lest Thou Forget
Perhaps you have heard the old joke that there are three sig s of getti g old: the first is a loss of memory, a d I ca ’t remember the other two! If this hits home, you are ot alo e. Huma s are forgetful people. How easily we forget the importa t thi gs of the past! Thi gs which were so impressive to us at the time, thi gs which we thought were so memorable, soo fade i to the recesses of our mi ds, a d are fi ally lost. & bsp;& bsp;& bsp;& bsp; After freei g his people from Egyptia bo dage, God led them through the wilder ess wa deri gs for 40 years. Before crossi g the Jorda River i to the Promised La d, God paused to remi d them of their te de cy to forget. I a book called “seco d” or “repeated” law, He agai ordered them to be careful, to take heed dilige tly, lest they should forget a d the lesso [...]