Common Myths About Christmas
Every year about this time, my late frie d Warre Ke ey would preach a sermo o the widespread myths or misu dersta di gs surrou di g the Christmas holiday.& bsp; He felt this was a issue so serious, so pervasive, that it warra ted a full sermo every year. What are some of these misco ceptio s, a d why does this issue matter so much? This article is a attempt to a swer those importa t questio s. Let’s look first at some of the commo myths: & bsp;& bsp;& bsp;& bsp; 1. It is a myth that the Bible teaches that we should celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. The word “Christmas” is owhere fou d i the Bible, much less comma ded. A religious observa ce of Christ’s birth was appare tly ever practiced u til at least A.D. 336, three ce turies after Christ. There is o passage, o scripture refere ce, [...]