Microdermabrasion: An Honest Review - Capitola Jewels
After receiving such great advice from the dermatologist I spoke about last week, I decided that I had to make an appointment for microdermabrasion. I did some research before going in so I knew what I was up against. After a little online research, I learned the benefits of microdermabrasion: It buffs off dead skin layers which increases collagen It improves skin tone, color, and texture It’s suitable for individual skin types It has no recovery time The procedure is painless TIP: I was cautioned that you should not wear retinol for at least one week prior to your treatment. Before you go in for your procedure, check with the office to confirm that one week is all the time required. Some offices may advise to limiting retinol 2-3 weeks but mine said one week was fine. REVIEW: I went to a med spa in Newport Beach I found on Groupon. The Groupon was $55 for two sessions which I thought was reasonable. I was eager to try it out after I was told I should be getting treatments once a month. The session itself was quick and easy. I was in the office for about 15 minutes which made it so convenient. My nurse gave me a brief skin consultation before the procedure. She recommended a peel or IPL lasers for the small amount of melasma under my eyes but overall said my skin was in great shape. She explained that since it was my first time doing microdermabrasion, I should play it safe and use the crystal treatment versus the diamond treatment. She gently rubbed a tool all over my face that simply felt like a gentle suction. This process took no more than ten minutes. Afterwards, my skin felt smoother and looked dewy. The nurse reminded me not to exfoliate for the rest of the weekend to avoid irritation. Overall, I thought the process was easy and pain free, but it didn’t give me the drastic glowy look I was expecting. The nurse said that next time I came in I would be able to try the diamond tip which would offer more exfoliation. I will certainly go back in two weeks to a month, but I hope to see better results. Again, I did the gentlest version of microdermabrasion so I will provide an update as soon as I go back and try the more exfoliating treatment. Overall, my skin is much smoother than it was before my visit. Have you ever done microdermabrasion? What about IPL? Xoxo, Jewels Related