Single-head Tom Tom | CANOPUS DRUMS
Innovative Design Creats a Refind Sound Historically speaking. the single-head tom was introduced by removing the back-side head of a regular tom tom. Single-headed toms were very popular and became almost standard equipment in 1970's. Although it provided clear attack and wide melodic sound range. single-headed toms had some shortcomings, such as an unwanted ripping sound and very short sustain. In practice. muffling and effect processing were used to cover up those shortcomings. CANOPUS researched its development of the single-head tom extensively. We put reinforcement on both ghe upper and lower sides of shell. Wealso used thicker reinforcement on the bottom of the shell to balance the sound. Further, we considered air flow when we designed the shape of the reinforcement. As a result, we successfully revitalized the rich sustain without having that unwanted ripping sound. We recommend this shell for those drummers who are interested in single-head tone, but hesitated to try one due