What Content Ranks Best in Google SERPS | Candlelight Heroes
Many people ask what type of content ranks best in today's search engine, but the answer is and will always be the same: Google wants one thing and that is quality content. Google strives to provide its users with the best possible results. There are several reasons why some sites consistently rank much higher than others. Two of the main ones are: Delivering high-quality, original content that is both legitimate and credible. Updating the site with fresh content on a regular basis. Never be tempted to game the search engines with black hat techniques. Yes they may work for a short while, but eventually the search engines will catch up and put your site in the sandbox. Once in the sandbox, Google won't send you any more traffic. Instead of spending hours trying to find a way to trick the search engines, why not spend an hour or two writing a valuable piece of content the search engines will love? Engage Your Users How engaging is your content? Are people actually reading the entire