How Newspapers and Magazines Find Great Content | Candlelight Heroes
Newspapers and magazines produce some of the most unique and well-researched content in the world. As a rule of thumb, content that's printed in a newspaper is usually more carefully checked than content found on the internet. Online, a lot of websites tend to have similar information. Often times, content writers do most of their research from other sources online. Yet newspapers and magazines work completely differently. They're consistently able to produce highly unique content every single month that's unlike anything that's ever been published. How do they do that? Here are some of the ways that newspapers and magazines find great content. Interviewing Real Experts Instead of looking through medical websites, journalists will actually call up well-known doctors to ask for their opinions. If they're doing an article on a particular car, they might call up the car manufacturer or a plant manager to talk about how the car was built. As a smaller publisher, you might not be able to