Frugality Does Not Have To Ruin Your Lifestyle | Candlelight Heroes
You may hear a lot of people talk about saving money and being frugal, but it can also have a negative connotation for some people. Just because you adopt the frugal lifestyle doesn't mean that your life as you know it now will change. We can all tighten the belt and spend a little less for what we have. Let's face it; if we have the money, we often don't make an issue of paying full price when we don't necessarily have to. This is a mindset. When you begin to live frugally, you are changing that mindset - not your lifestyle per se. Some people equate "frugal" with "cheap." This is by no means the case. With "cheap" you get what you pay for, which is nothing. That is still wasting money. It's the same as if you had paid full price. Frugal means searching for another way to do something or get a service that is of comparable quality but costs less. Get the best deals that you can on all things in every area of your life. There is nothing shameful or wrong about that. Companies offer