Failure in Other Areas of Your Life Doesn't Mean You'll Fail as an Entrepreneur´╗┐ | Candlelight Heroes
Many of us have big dreams. Big ideas. Our mind goes nonstop, flooding our thoughts with ways we could be our own boss, make tons of money, and do what we love. But then we are crippled by the thoughts of failure, especially if we are licking our wounds from failure in other areas of our lives. The entrepreneurial ideas, hopes, and dreams are pushed to the back burner, once again, hoping "the right time" is going to surface. You can't base your success as an entrepreneur solely on your successes in other areas of your life. Plain and simple. Here's why: You Can't Control Everything Sometimes in our lives, we experience failure. That's life. Without a failure here and there, how could we possibly comprehend success? How would we know what works and what doesn't? We wouldn't. We need failure to be successful. Here's the real fact: You can't control everything. Relationships Most of us have