Exercising as a Form of Self-Care | Candlelight Heroes
It is a well-researched fact that exercise promotes physical well-being, but current studies now indicate that consistent, moderate exercise throughout the week also aids in mental well-being, too. From stress reduction, improved focus, memory retention, and increased positive mood, exercise proves to be one of the best natural supplements for mental health and one of the best activities you can engage in for self-care. How is Exercise Self-Care? When some people imagine self-care activities, they think of things that are fun and relaxing that help the body and mind to unwind, such as a nice bubble bath or binge-watching their favorite show. Most don't imagine huffing and puffing through a challenging cardio workout as self-care, but in reality, it is. Self-care is any activity that helps to reduce stress and promote mental health and cognitive functioning. By this definition, exercise is a perfect form of self-care. How does Exercise Affect Mental Health? When you engage in