Do You Deal with Your Feelings? | Candlelight Heroes
Destructive behavior is often associated with individuals not dealing with their emotions in a healthy way. Repressed emotions are often referred to as "festered anger" just waiting to be released. And insurmountable joy often results in tears because the emotions are so overwhelming. Those are examples of three different emotions with very different outcomes. However, what glues them together is one concept: not properly dealing with the feelings at hand. What Are Feelings? Feelings are natural reactions to a specific stimulus. When you cry during a sad movie, your brain is reacting in an emotional way. When you jump for joy at a job promotion, you're likely excited about this new opportunity. One journalist aptly quoted, "People who can clearly identify how they are feeling in times of intense distress gain access to information that can be used as input to manage problems, make judgments, and make progress toward meaningful goals." So, the idea is if you're able to deal with