Declutter Your Mind to Boost Productivity | Candlelight Heroes
Did you know that it's actually bad for the brain to multitask? Doctors and scientists recommend focusing on one task at a time because this is how our brains are made to operate. But what does this have to do with productivity? Have you noticed that when you go to work, you just seem super distracted by everything in your mind and you can't seem to get anything done that you need to? If your mind is cluttered, your productivity suffers. In this article, we're going to walk you through how you can fix this! We'll help you declutter your mind and boost your productivity; let's get started! Lists are your best friend Nothing helps to declutter your brain quite like lists. Lists have an amazing way of allowing you to empty your mind of all the things you're thinking about or have to do without letting you forget them. Get in the habit of making not only to-do lists but also lists of thoughts or ideas you have that have also been cluttering your brain. This will allow you to