6 Key Steps to Develop Your Personal Power´╗┐ | Candlelight Heroes
Gaining personal power is something you must want and work for, not something that will magically happen because you want it. Your personal power comes from inside you, not from external sources, jobs, or titles. Learning how to generate and keep your personal power, then, is a lifelong process. Learning to cultivate and own your personal power will provide you with many benefits. When others see that you are confident, you will be perceived as influential, capable, and effective in your role. You will likely be seen as a leader or as someone who may be able to advise or help others. Personal power makes you a role model to others, including your own family and friends. Owning your personal power helps you create and sustain lasting relationships in all aspects of your life as well as achieve your goals and dreams. We all have personal power within us, but it is up to each of us to learn how to connect with and harness that power for ourselves. Here are six key steps you can