Professional Geomatics Associations & Groups in Canada - Canadian GIS & Geomatics
After a much debated and detailed discussion on LinkedIn it was determined that many people are not aware of all the professional geomatics associations that are available in Canada nor witch ones they should become part of (especially since some cost money and most can not afford to join them all). Therefore I started this new section on the web site to cover some of the organizations that I am either a member of or know information about. The plan will be to cover at least one of these professional geomatics associations in more detail every month. Professional organizations are great ways to network and discuss GIS topics with others in the same industry. Here is my current list of professional geomatics related organizations in Canada with links to their web sites and then links to more in depth coverage about each one as they are added monthly to the web site. So if you see one that I have missed from the list, think your organization or user group should be added or have some information to add to one of these then feel free to let me know. All feedback is welcome.