City of Prince George online PGMap Application - Canadian GIS & Geomatics
The City of Prince George has released an updated version of their PGMap online web mapping Application. PGMap is what they refer to as the "On-line Geographic Information System" for the City of Prince George, British Columbia. PGMap was created and is provided free of charge to the public to use for viewing and searching property boundaries, aerial photography, legal descriptions, parcel information, verify zoning and various other City boundaries. Users can also create and print customized reports and high quality maps with PGMap. It is a very robust easy to use, user friendly interactive mapping application. PGMap provides a variety of different tools and functionality that appeal to a wide range of users from those that just need to view basic default maps to those that want to include their own GIS data and create custom maps of their own. The PGMap online mapping application for the City of Prince George is a well done online cartographic tool that can be appreciated and utilized by a wide range of users. The City of Prince George have also contributed their city data sets to the Esri Canada Community Maps program so you people also use the data on the popular online mapping system for free if they decide that they do not want to use the PGMap application but generate maps for the City of Prince George .