How to Stop Toddlers from Biting
How to Stop Toddlers from Biti g I this article, you will lear about how to stop toddlers from Biti g. Every i fa t experime ts with biti g. Babies bite their teethi g toys, their mommy’s breast, their pacifier, or the fi gers or shoulders of their pare ts. Usually, the pare t’s immediate fli ch or cry of surprise commu icates to the child that biti g hurts, a d after a few experime ts, the child has lear ed e ough about biti g to move o . The experime ts cease. There’s othi g bad or wro g with these biti g experime ts: the baby is doi g what he or she must do to lear . The good ews is that there is a lot that pare ts a d caregivers ca do to reduce a d, ultimately, elimi ate biti g. To set the stage for effectively addressi g this challe ge, avoid calli g or thi ki g of your child as a “biter” a d ask others ot to use this term. Labelli g childre ca actually lead to them taki g o [...]