How Can You Stop TV Addiction in Children
How Ca you Stop TV Addictio i Childre I this article, you will lear about how ca you stop TV addictio i Childre . Toddlers are becomi g couch potatoes almost as soo as they leave the pram, psychologists have war ed. Research shows that, o average, childre u der five are watchi g two hours of televisio a day – formi g a habit which stays with them for ma y years. The phe ome o is bei g blamed o the emerge ce of programmes aimed at you g i fa ts, such as Teletubbies, a d pare ts who use the televisio as a substitute ‘ a y’ for their childre . Watchi g too much TV alters brai structures a d promotes egative behaviour, especially viole ce a d aggressive ess. Kids who watch shows co tai i g co te t i appropriate for mi [...]