5 Summer Activities to Keep Kids’ Memory Sharp during Summer Vacation
5 Summer Activities to Keep Kids’ Memory Sharp duri g Summer Vacatio & bsp; & bsp; I this article, Summer is the time whe kids build memories. A d kids will look back at vacatio s, day trips, pic ics a d other outi gs with ostalgia. But that’s ot all they’ll remember. They’ll remember the bad (e.g., bei g bored at home, fights with sibli gs). A d so as pare ts we wa t to help them make every day i summer somethi g they’ll wa t to remember. Work-at-home pare ts, i particular, eed ideas for e joyable summer activities that school-age kids ca do o their ow . & bsp; Here are five Summer Activities to help your Kids have fu a d I crease their Memory Power too! & bsp; 1. Create a Memory book of the best Mome ts of the Year & bsp; & bsp; & bsp; & bsp; You could use a bla [...]