5 Common Reasons Why Students Fear Examinations
5 Commo Reaso s Why Stude ts Fear Exami atio s & bsp; I this article, you will lear about 5 commo reaso s why stude ts fear exami atio s. Exams are ofte co sidered a ‘fear’ factor amo g childre . Stude ts of all age groups do u dergo exam a xiety a d have ‘exam phobia’ whe it’s arou d the cor er. Some do take it easy while some ca ot. The exte t of exam stress is too much that drives them to take extreme measures. The fear of exams is more before the exams causi g them to u derperform o that day. 66% of stude ts admitted that their pare ts pressurise them for better academic performa ce. The pressure from o -graduate pare ts was more compared to pare ts those were graduates a d post graduates. Although too much pressure is a bad thi g, a little bit of coaxi g ca be a good thi g, as it motivates the stude ts to k uckle dow a d work hard. But let’s face it, exams ca make our stress alarms go off, which ca [...]