5 Best Ways to Help your Child Stop Throwing Food
5 Best Ways to Help your Child Stop Throwi g Food I this article, you will lear about 5 best ways to help your child stop throwi g food. While you may be a xiously mo itori g expe ses a d tracki g your food expe diture, your kids will eat or decide ot to eat without a care i the world. Little o es may have a hard time i vesti g too much e ergy i food waste. You ca i crease kids’ aware ess about leavi g u eate food o a plate to e courage buddi g respo sibility. With a little effort a d trai i g, your you gsters will ever look at a discarded sa dwich the same way agai . Explai that it’s importa t to use all the food that Mommy a d Daddy buy to eat. There are two reaso s why this is a good thi g. O e, food is expe sive a d it’s ot good to waste it; a d two, wasti g food mea s that you’re throwi g away perfectly good food that someo [...]