4 Steps to Making Stuff Actually Happen, Part I, with Guest Expert Marina Darlow of Systems Meet Humanity | Called to Write
Today I'm pleased to welcome Marina Darlow of the Systems Meet Humanity podcast as a guest expert. My interview with Marina on her podcast just came online this week and I encourage you to check it out. We had a terrific conversation about systems and writing, including working in small chunks, how emotions can be "signposts," and more. You can check out our interview on the podcast here: Marina is a systems expert who focuses on helping people be more productive by putting workable, human systems into place. I invited her to write about how to help make work actually happen for us here. Enjoy! 4 Steps to Making Stuff Actually Happen, Part I by Marina Darlow First, thanks, Jenna for bringing me to be a guest on your wonderful blog. As a systems geek with a penchant for implementation coaching for creatives, I love to write about making stuff actually happen. I've noticed that people love setting goals, even making plans, but when it