15 Steven Pressfield Quotes to Inspire Your Writing | Called to Write
Steven Pressfield has been among my greatest sources of inspiration since I committed myself to taking my call to write seriously. Around that time, a friend suggested I read The War of Art. It was life-changing. Since then, I've continued to be deeply inspired and motivated by his other books including Do the Work, Turning Pro, The Authentic Swing, and his newest book, The Artist's Journey (among others). Steven's work, his ideas, and his message have become a part of me. They've become a cornerstone for how I approach my writing practice, and what I do as a writing coach. In fact, the core of what we offer at Called to Write could not be more perfectly aligned with The Artist's Journey, both of which span the practical nuts and bolts of writing all the way to the more spiritual aspects of calling, destiny, and purpose. Today I'm sharing 15 of my favorite quotes from his books, with the intention of inspiring you, as he has inspired me. #1. "There's a secret that real writers know