Private Learning Tea Experience | Čaj Chai Teahouse Barcelona
The Learning Tea Experience is an opportunity to deepen your tea knowledge and experience. The event will be tailored to your familiarity with tea and personal areas of interest. Over the course of 2,5 hours we will share and enjoy 3 different teas carefully selected by Antonio for your party. Depending on your level of experience and personal wishes, you may choose to enjoy 3 different teas from 3 different tea categories or you may choose to focus on a particular tea category such as Green Tea, Puerh Tea, Oolong Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea or White Tea. Or focus on a more specific genre such as Taiwanese Oolong, Chinese Green Tea or Shou Puerh, for example. Once you've purchased your Learning Tea Experience we will contact you and agree on the finer details. For each tea Antonio will begin by giving some background information before brewing. We will brew the first few steepings in silence so as to really focus on the tea and then brew some more steepings while talking more about the tea, sharing impressions, asking questions etc. Read more below: