Things happen for a reason... - By Chaney's Hands
I hear it all the time... things happen for a reason. There is no reason for some things to happen. I don't care what reason you can come up with. I don't care what religion you can put behind it. I don't care what grand scheme you can back it with. Sometimes, the reason simply just doesn't exist. I posted on my personal Facebook feed a few days ago about how we have had several months of silence in our area as far as youth and youth suicide goes. I posted about how it felt knowing that we had done such a good job in helping our community. We have had a few suicides, mostly in areas that we have not worked in. All of them have been in adults. One really disappointing thing was that we approached one local business about sponsorship and they declined... and 2-3 months later one of their employees died by suicide. I find myself thinking constantly how cool it would have been if they had gotten onboard... and really pushed us to help them, not because they felt like they needed help, but instead because they did not ever want to need help. How great it would have been if they had supported us, and in turn asked us to come out and talk to them and their employees...maybe once, maybe once a month... it wouldn't matter to us how often it was. I would just love to see a business get involved like that and use a local resource in a way that I have not seen before. I can't help but wonder if that had happened if this young person might have reached out to us. Would he still be here? I am not laying blame on this business. Moreso myself than any other person. Maybe if I had pushed this business more than just dropping off a business card, then maybe they would have agreed to something very small like $25 a month, or just not donated at all but asked if we would mind coming back to talk to their staff one weekend, or weekday. Maybe that person would have then gained a resource and the courage he would have needed to use it. We have operated in silence for a while now. There have been very few people contacting us with issues. When they do, it is self-harm or cutting problems. They are calling us because they have friends who are abusing drugs or alcohol. We do help those people. We do everything that we can to get those people what they need because often times those issues lead to problems that in turn lead to suicide. We have had more "follow-up" calls letting us know how things have progressed for people we have worked with in the past than we have had new calls. Things have been going superbly well for us.