Suicide Causes Official State of Emergency in the Manitoba First Nation - By Chaney's Hands
A remote Manitoba First Nation declared a state of emergency Wednesday after six suicides in the last two months and 140 attempts in the last two weeks alone. I cannot believe the state of mental health in this world as it is today. We have to remove the stigma from this immediately. We have to resensitize people so that when someone does cry out for help, they get help instead of ridicule. Three times this week I have found people crying out for help on Google+ or Tumblr. One time we had no negative comments, except that my wife told one girl that she was still thinking about them, and they called her "creepy". The other two times, people were belittled. I was even belittled on one of them for posting a link to our Facebook page on Google+ in one of these conversations. Apparently the battle between Google+ and Facebook rages on, even though no one really cares except for the people who polarize themselves to one side or another? Sorry for getting off-topic. Suicide is a serious problem in the world today. The article quotes one person basically as saying "This could not happen anywhere else but here.", but I can tell you that it absolutely can happen, and is happening everywhere today. There is such a stigma placed on mental health, mental illness, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide that the difference between "mental health" and "mental illness" is non-existent.