Buck Hill-Inspired Installation in Mountainhome: An Interview With Aaron Krach About His Work | Buck Hill Falls
2018 Artist-In-Residence and current Buck Hill renter, Aaron Krach has new art on display in Cresco. The billboard exhibition is displayed prominently on 191 and 390. It is a site-specific tribute to Buck Hill Falls and, according to the artist, "a quintessential Aaron Text Art piece." We welcome Aaron's inspiration to the Poconos community and are honored to have him with us. We met with him to discuss his work, its inspiration and meaning, and his time here in Buck Hill. What can you tell us about your work? What themes and topics do you use in your art? I've lived and worked in NYC for more than 20 years now. I studied photography and sculpture, but since moving east from California, my art has evolved. My projects are now hybrid, mixed-media, interactive, and often grow out of research into a particular topic. The constants in my work are relevance to today--I want my work to be meaningful now; not in 50 years--and sincerity, because the world is cruel enough. Also, the