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Welcome back to Tag Thursday! …on a Friday! βͺ Be Kind: Rewind, WHAT?! πŸ€ͺ (50 points for your Hogwarts house if you used to rent πŸ“Ό and actually saw that sign posted at the register!) I couldn’t resist posting Tine’s for the Rest of Us last week, but I still want to catch up on my tags. This week I’m spilling even more tea with the NOPE. Book Tag, created by The Farah Project on YouTube! (You didn’t get enough from my Unpopular Opinions Book Tag post a couple weeks ago, right?! Mwahaha) β˜•οΈ Thank you, J R Lynn @ Eternity Books for tagging me!! πŸ’• NOPE. Book Ending A book ending that made you go ‘nope’ either in denial, rage or simply because the ending was crappy? Let’s crack open the can of worms right off the bat… What the heck kind of an ending was in Vengeful?!?!?!?! Yeah, that was NOT satisfying and I can’t even… UGHHH. There better be another book, because until then I’m just going to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen a live HEA in Vicious. NOPE. Protagonist A main character you dislike or who drives you crazy? Alexa (Alex) Hollen from the Defy series. The first book was good enough, but I should not have finished the trilogy… (Why do the covers have to be so pretty?!) NOPE. Series A series that turned out to be a huge pile of nope after you’ve invested all of that time and energy on it or the book series you are not going to continue? Confession time: I’ve never finished the Twilight series and I don’t even care. When a certain someone locked eyes with another certain someone in Breaking Dawn… I slammed the book shut, threw it across the bed, and was PMSing for days (no my hormones had absolutely nothing to with it). I donated the entire series to my local shop with a thud the next day. I’m still not over it. *BARF* 🀒 NOPE. Popular Pairing A ship you don’t support and unfortunately sailed? Dimple & Rishi. I was all for an enemies-to-lovers trope with a modern take on an arranged marriage, and I’ve said it in my review but I’ll say it again: Rishi deserves a kinder partner! NOPE. Plot Twist A plot twist you didn’t see coming or you just didn’t like? I’ll go with the twist I didn’t see coming, rather than one I didn’t like. I am shockingly surprised by a lot of plot twists in books while other bibliophiles get bored or irritated that a twist was so obvious. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to believe it or I think the author(s) won’t go there? I LOVE getting my mind blown with plot twists until I get whiplash and vertigo! (That shit sucks irl btw…) At the same time, if I happen to see the answer coming from a mile away I can still fully enjoy a book knowing ‘I was so right’. The most recent book that my mind exploded over was Gemina. I love science, particularly physical science, so this was ‘The Book’ that sealed the deal with Kaufman & Kristoff on my ATF list! Can I read it over for the first time please?? 🀯 NOPE. Protagonist Action/Decision A protagonist decision or action that made you shake your head ‘no, don’t do it, just don’t do it’? Strap in! Because I’m going to call out (1) another popular/hyped/beloved series and (2) more than just the protagonist: ALL of the participants in The Hunger Games!! OMG, stop killing each other already. 🀦🏻‍♀️ (I know this is the point of the whole damn trilogy, but this is another one where it continued to go down hill as I read each book.) NOPE. Genre A genre you’re never going to read? This is such a tough one considering how much I expanded my reading in the last year. I would have previously answered Romance and Graphic Novels without hesitation. However, that was until I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and now both have become near and dear to my heart! For this reason, I’ll simply note the genres that I’m the *least likely* to pick up in the near future: Religious Fiction and Erotica. Also, let’s face it, I’ll never get through all of the Classics… 🧐 NOPE. Book Format A book format that you absolutely avoid and will wait until it comes out in a different version or edition? I love audiobooks, eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers!! πŸ“šπŸŽ§πŸ’• However, if I can’t physically read the page (due to print size and contrast) and/or it’s way too heavy to hold, I am forced to wait for another copy. If I try an audiobook but I can’t stand the narrator, I’m more than happy to drop it for another audiobook. (Sometimes I don’t have the option to drop an audiobook for an eBook if my eyes won’t allow it.) I despise deckled edges even though I once went through a very short phase where I sought them out. I don’t like the feel of MMPBs as I don’t like to be forced to break the spine in order to read the entire page. Also, FONTS people! πŸ₯Ί NOPE. Trope A trope that you see a lot that you don’t like? I don’t read it a lot because I can sniff it out and avoid it, but repeating the answer from my Unpopular Opinion Book Tag post: A secret illness used as a plot device. NOPE. Cliché / Pet Peeve A cliché or writing pet peeve that makes you roll your eyes every single time? A character ‘releasing a breath they didn’t know they were holding’ (or any variation thereof). I love rolling my eyes for this one! Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m just entertained!! πŸ˜‚ It’s most prevalent when I haven’t read a YA in a little bit and see any variation of breath holding/releasing within the first 1% of the book. (It’s like a giant ‘welcome home to your comfort zone’ sign.) The only time I don’t like it is when it’s in an adult book and I’m like… ummmmm sorry but no you can’t steal that line! NOPE. Recommendation A book that is constantly hyped to be pushed at you to read or not read or you see everywhere and you just don’t want to read it or you’ve decided to boycott? I’m all for you wonderful booknerds hyping up your faves!! Keep them coming, while I call out the elephant in the room: Goodreads!!! I adore GR, but what the heck is up with the recommendations tool? I swear the algorithm that manages the “If you liked this [super popular 4.8-star new realease], then you’ll love this [smol unknown completely unrelated 2.3-star novel published two decades ago]” was created by some deviant programmer that likes a good laugh!! *le sigh* πŸ™„ NOPE. Love Interest A love interest that you don’t think should have been a love interest and wasn’t worthy of being one? I’ll go with another series ending in disappointment: The Syrena Legacy. I loved Of Poseidon!! However, by the time an unnecessary attempt at a love triangle showed up in Of Neptune, I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes as it was too little, too late, after the main OTP was well-established. The whole story would have been much better as a standalone or duology. (Nope, standalone!) NOPE. Book A book that shouldn’t have been a book, it shouldn’t have existed, it shouldn’t have been a thing? Worst bookworm behavior ever: I burned a book once. πŸ”₯😱 Yup, I actually built a fire in my backyard and burned the whole damn thing page by ripped-out page. It was cathartic and I would do it again if needed for my mental health. I don’t remember the book’s name or author as that was wiped from memory during the burning process. NOPE. Villain A villain that scares you or an antagonist that scares you and makes you run in the opposite direction? ☠️ Bellatrix Lestrange ☠️ NOPE. Death A death that left you in denial and hurt you and still hurts you and still leaves you in denial? Nope it didn’t happen. The Outsiders was my first love and it still breaks my heart. πŸ’” NOPE. Author An author you had a bad experience reading and decided to boycott? Yeah, I’m not going to call out any particular author here. If I don’t like a book, it’s absolutely nothing personal against the author. I would even go as far as giving another one of their books/series a chance. βœŒπŸΌπŸ’ž Tag you’re it!! (Yes, seriously go do it!) Feel free to post your link below with your most recent tag post! Related