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PLUS+: Style Inspiration for Everyone By Bethany Rutter Release Date: February 5, 2019 Plus+ is a must-have for everyone’s coffee table! It’s full of life, joy, and fashion. I couldn’t stop smiling and I had to read it twice in a row because it’s so fun and uplifting. If you want to see body positivity at it’s best, you need this book! It’s filled to the brim with stunning photos and inspiring quotes from the fashionistas themselves. It also includes all artist Instagram handles so you can follow your favorites to be motivated every day! Here’s some of the quotes that really hit a sweet spot with me: I dress for the celebration I want my life to be. —Cynara Geissler I find my anarchy in daring to be fat and fashionable. —Lottie Moor Fashion helps me show gratitude to the power and beauty of my body… —Simone Mariposa My favorite outfit is self-confidence because it never wears out. —Ella Tkach-Dreazen Style is not measured in the size of your jeans. All women can be inspired. —Kellie Brown Everyday Yoga Meditation By Stephen Sturgess Release Date: February 19, 2019 Everyday Yoga Meditation is a comprehensive introductory guide to the practice of yoga, breath, and meditation. It can be read in one sitting, but each section/practice should be revisited on preferably a daily, but also a weekly basis. The readers can immediately start their own yoga meditation practice with this book. I docked a star because it can be overwhelming at times for a complete novice. While I believe it’s written for a beginner, it is still beneficial to have attended a yoga studio prior to diving in head first into a home practice. This would be a good resource to have available at a yoga studio’s library. I particularly appreciated the summary at the end as it wrapped up the practices nicely and made them very approachable. Topics Covered: – The 8 Limbs of Yoga – The Energy System (Including the Chakras) – Basic Asana practices – Purification & Pranayama (breath) practices – Meditations practices – Summary with Morning/Evening guides The above are honest reviews of advanced copies provided by the publisher via NetGalley. Any quotes are subject to change in the final publication. Related